Paul works for a cycling charity so apologies for all the cycling stuff but he can’t help himself. Wendy is a community nurse.  Both have been holidaying in France since 1986. First with a tent and a 1969 VW beetle, then with a 1959 VW Campervan.  Then shear luxury with  trailer tent.  Then kids grew up and life moved on and the opportunity to buy a pot of land and build Le Chatox came about.  We took a deep breath and 10 years later we have had hundreds of guests experiencing  the beauty of Les Bauges (the wallows). As you’ve seen, we love Les Bauges and just want to share it with you. So if you have any queries that’s stopping you –  just call us, Wend and Paul will be happy to help. This is our home from home and its waiting for you !


To make sure we live up to your expectations please just give Paul or Wendy or a quick call or email directly on We’ll be happy to advise and answer any questions or queries you may have. +44 7971 915316 


Les Bauges is a paradise for cycling and walking

Les Bauges is a paradise for cycling and walking

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