Welcome to our home from home, Le Chatox here for you to enjoy the wonderful area of Les Bauges high above lake Annecy in Savoie.


If your idea of of an all inclusive alpine holiday includes sunshine, mountains, walking, swimming, cycling on roads used in the Tour de France ,fine cuisine, air so pure you can drink it, 5 great family ski resorts and luxury accommodation to relax and do absolutely nothing – then you may have found your dream holiday destination. Read on…


The view from the balcony of Le Chatox 


Surrounded by cities of Annecy, Aix-les-Bains, Chambery and Albertville the mountain range of the Bauges in Savoie looks like a fortress as you drive into it. There are six roads that lead into the heart of this ‘island in the sky’ and its ‘capital village’ is Le Chatelard. Once in this designed area of outstanding natural beauty, the countryside slants slowly toward the villages, vast fields and forests. The inhabitants called “Baujus” are warm mountain people who are willing to share the love for their region.

Le Chatelard is just one hour from Geneva or 7.30hrs from Calais


Le Chatox is in Le Chatelard in the heart of the Les Bauges national park, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

By horse, donkey, foot, bike, paraglider, ski or snowshoe the Massif des Bauges (meaning the wallows) has something for everyone. Its an all year round paradise with something for lovers of all four seasons or just one. Les Bauges is a step back in time and and we love it.


Our village – Le Chatelard

Situated on a hillside on the outskirts of Le Chatelard in the heart of the Massif des Bauges National Park, Le Chatox enjoys superb views through the valley towards the mountains and is a 30 minute drive from the beautiful towns of Annecy, Aix-Les Bains, Chambery and Alberville. Le Chatox is an ideal based for cycling or skiing holidays and is easily accessible but still remains unspoilt and retains a certain charm with its old store fronts and little alleys leading up towards the church.

217142_110087735743961_7733595_n It is a quiet, friendly village with a supermarket, bakery, bar and hotel/restaurant, tourist information, bank and post office and a local food market every Friday morning. Les Bauges (the Wallows), an area of outstanding natural beauty, heritage and tradition makes a great base to explore a wide range of outdoor activities or to simply relax.




When the snow arrives in winter thoughts turn to skiing, and snow trekking.  Les Bauges has 5 ski resorts !


Cycling nirvana in Les Bauges (the wallows)  and its famous ‘grangettes’ in the fields in summer.


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